All you need to know about the Elephant Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience then check out the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort, South Africa. This magical and well-maintained venue will provide you with a personal, hands-on experience with the elephants.

Before meeting up with the elephants, I had to walk through the monkey enclosure. The monkeys are inquisitive and cheeky and I got to enjoy a brief interaction with them before meeting up with the elephants.


The Good:

  1. Unique Experience: Watching and learning about the elephants is the highlight of the whole trip. I got to learn so much about them. Seeing them up close and getting to touch and feed them is unbelievable.
  2. The elephant’s kiss: The elephant puts it’s trunk onto your face and gives you a big wet one on your cheek! You’ll end up looking like you gobbled 10 jars of Nutella all at once.
  3. Sustainable activity: All the elephants at the sanctuary are respected and cared for. No animal is forced into doing an activity it does not want to do.


The Bad:

  1. Price: Interacting with the elephants is expensive! The price is R775 per person for the basic package (at the time this post was written). But if you wanted to ride the elephants too then that would bump you up an extra R550 per person. However, the price is worth it. Plus, the money goes to conserving the sanctuary and looking after the elephants. The whole experience lasts maximum 2 hours and the price does not include food. All pictures taken during your time with the elephants will be available for purchase .


Tips on how to LiveYourZoi – Elephant Sanctuary Edition:

  •  If the budget is tight, bring a blanket, picnic basket and sit on the grass. It is cheaper than buying food at the restaurant.  There is ample space and beautiful gardens to have a picnic.
  • The reservists take pictures and videos of the elephant experience. For an additional cost, you can get this on DVD from them. My advice is to take your own pictures. The staff is more than happy to take pictures of you for free if you ask them to.
  • It would be wise to bring good walking shoes. Nothing too flimsy or unsteady because there is a lot of walking involved.
  • There are plenty of steps and uneven pathways so it might be difficult to move around with a pram or wheelchair. Enquire in advance what your options are.
  • Keep all your belongings very close to you. Don’t wear flashy jewelry and don’t bring items that will snatched away by the monkeys. I mentioned earlier that before you see the elephants, you will need to pass through the monkey sanctuary. It can become difficult for the staff to return the stolen items due to the monkeys getting aggressive. So be mindful of what you bring.



Check out the short video below of my experience at the sanctuary. Watching the elephants overwhelmed and humbled me. They is no denying that they are magnificent animals! Also, let me know in the comments if visiting the elephants in the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort is on your bucket list.



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