4 Top Reasons Why Solo Travel Is Incredible

You say goodbye to your loved ones as you check in to your flight at the airport. You’ve got your passport in your hand and your heavy backpack on your back. As you’re walking away – you feel a new feeling that you haven’t felt in a while. Do you know what that feeling is? It’s sweet freedom. The freedom knowing that you’re all alone and that only you will look out for yourself. The freedom knowing that only you can decide on the adventure that’s about to come and it’s exciting, but also terrifying.

greece-santorini-landscape-fashionThe beauty of solo travel is that it’s not meant to be easy. There are moments where you’re going to feel so small and scared. Those moments are meant to challenge you and make you grow into a stronger and more confident person! There were moments where I had one tiny thing go wrong and I immediately wanted to retreat back to my hotel room where it’s safe and quiet. But I didn’t, I talked myself out of it and boy am I so glad that I didn’t give in to those pathetic thoughts! If I gave into those thoughts, I wouldn’t have gone on to experience such amazing adventures.


The Top 4 reasons of why you SHOULD experience solo travel:

Freedom to do as you please:

If your schedule on holiday is to NOT have a schedule and the friend you travel with plans out every single detail; then there is a good chance you will run into some issues. You might want to sleep and wake up at 10 am, then hit the beach all day while sipping margaritas. But your friend wakes up at 5:30 am to catch the sunrise and does not like the beach. These issues could crop up while you are on holiday and no one likes to compromise on what they want to do while travelling.

Sure – travelling with friends is fantastic because you experience special moments with special people but it also comes with its set of problems. So unless you travel with people who are exactly like yourself and want to do the same things as you, then travelling solo will be your best bet. It is an incredible feeling knowing that you are able to do what you want without having to consider what others want too. This allows you to make the most of your holiday in a way you prefer. Nothing can beat that.

You become more open to making new friends:

When you surround yourself with friends or family, you are more likely to close yourself off. You feel comfortable around people you know and it is unlikely that you will want to meet other locals or tourists. When you travel solo, you immediately become more approachable. You will find that more people will be drawn to you because there is a fascination with solo travellers. It is an instant ice-breaker and first topic of conversation. Waiters, salespeople and locals in the streets will strike up conversations because they are genuinely interested in learning more about why you travel solo.

Other solo travellers will also be easy to connect with because you already have something in common. A solo traveller may come from a different background or culture but can result in you making a lifelong friend. If there is some concern about making new friends, then consider joining a tour group. There is a high chance of their being other solo travellers on the tour. I have met some fantastic people on tour groups from all over the world.

Your confidence will grow:

If you ever had any doubts about being capable, then solo travel will alleviate those fears. Solo travel will help you grow into a more confident, self-assured human being. As a solo traveller, there will be hurdles to overcome. You could lose your passport,  forgetting your hotel name or almost miss your flight. Those daunting experiences will be harder to overcome when you travel solo but once you get through it, your confidence will sky-rocket. It will teach you to trust yourself, be more responsible and give you the confidence to tackle anything life throws at you (as well as have incredible stories to tell back home).

I love being able to venture out and explore cities on my own. I remember sitting on top of Kelburn in Wellington, while drinking a coffee sitting in a beautiful coffee shop and looking out at the amazing view. To be able to sit there in silence and enjoying my own company is a surreal experience.


There is no need to wait for others to be ready:

You saved up enough money for that trip of a lifetime and all you need to do now is book the flight with your friends. You saved up for a year now and talked about this trip with your friends for as long as you can remember but unfortunately, your friends are not as dedicated to saving up as you are.

Perhaps they just do not earn enough money to be able to save up or they have the funds but the timing is not right for them. Their job will not allow them to take leave or there is a family crisis that needs taken care of. Whatever the issue is, will you sit around waiting forever for your friends to be ready to travel (which is unlikely to happen anytime soon) or will you take that trip solo? Your answer should be the latter!

I was in the situation where I wanted to travel overseas with friends but they were not able to join me and I did not let that stop me. Time waits for no one. I am so glad I took the plunge and went on my own otherwise I would still be here with regrets about not choosing to go. My advice to you reading this: Do not let anyone get in the way of your travels. You will not regret travelling solo but will actually regret not going at all.


Final thoughts

Everyone should try solo travel at least once in their lifetime. I enjoy spending quality times with friends and family but there are definitely benefits to travelling alone too. I hope you enjoyed the blog post and do not hesitate to leave a comment on this post or share this post on social media.


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