48 hours In London – Magical Christmas Experiences

I’m fully aware that Christmas is months away but I’m already dreaming of where I will celebrate the festive season. And if you’re anything like me then you’ll want to enjoy the festive season to the max. I was fortunate enough to arrive in London a week before Christmas but unfortunately, I only had 48 hours to fully immerse in the London Christmas vibe. I reckon I managed to experience the most I could in such a short space of time. Those 48 hours in London have left a mark on me and I often find myself dreaming of when I’ll be back in the cold but vibey city.


Isn’t London just the same as any other city?


No, it isn’t but I thought that way before I knew any better. I’m the type of girl who prefers nature to cities and I had low expectations for the city. It wasn’t on my bucket list at the time but my booked Europe tour started and ended in London so I decided to at least spend two days in the city. Looking back, I wish I never booked a return ticket. Yup, I loved it that much.


How to celebrate Christmas in London the right way:

If you are interested in exploring London during the Christmas and New Year season, then I recommend checking out the following experiences:

  • Visit the Winter Wonderland Festival. You will not regret it. Each year Hyde Park hosts the outdoor Winter Wonderland Festival. It will without a doubt be cold but there are so many activities to try out and lots of yummy goodies to eat. There are plenty of rides to try out and as well as loads of shopping opportunities. The amount of Christmas decorations at the festival is insane! I have never seen so many Christmas goodies in one place, ever.
  • The streets are adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations. It is hard not be to in the Christmas spirit when every street and every shop you walk in is decorated to the brim.
  • If you happen to be in London after New Years and if you love shopping, then consider yourself lucky! All of the shops will have loads of sales on your favourite brands. Even the markets will have specials on their goods. So it is better to wait until the sales start before going on a shopping spree.

What if I do not like festive season?

Then why are you even reading this post? But in all seriousness, if you are not a fan of the festive season, there is still plenty to do in London. You should check out the following activities:

  • Free performances in the streets. I stumbled upon a live performance just outside Covent Garden. The performer stripped down to his British flag underwear in the middle of Winter. So patriotic! He then convinced a rather tall member of the public to stand on him while screws attached to a board was on top of him. It looked really painful but he was a pro. The live show lasted about an hour and almost made me miss my flight back home (so worth it though) but that is a story for another day. I did not want to leave without seeing him complete his final act. There are loads of street performers in London all year round and it is entertainment without spending a dime.



Tips on how to Live Your Zoi – London Edition

  • The Winter Wonderland Festival generally starts from mid-November and ends on the 1st of January. Make sure to plan your visit before the festival ends.
  • Get an Oyster Card. The Oyster Card will be a lifesaver when exploring the city. It is a lot cheaper than paying for taxis.
  • When I arrived in London, I used the Smart Airport Transfers. They had the cheapest service, were reliable and the taxi driver was welcoming. He took a longer route in order to tell me where the best sites are and gave me tips along the way.
  • London is expensive over the festive season and in order to save some money, I stayed further out in the city in a place called Greenwich. Greenwich is a quiet suburb but not without its own charm. The hotel I stayed in was close to the Underground which is convenient. The Greenwich Hotel was superb. There are loads of eccentric British decor and the service was fantastic.

The Londoners do know how to celebrate Christmas in style. Let me know in the comments if you have any further questions or comments and please share this post if you think your friends should experience a London Christmas this year.


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