White River Rafting in Parys – Should you go?

White River Rafting in Parys is an adventure I’ll choose to do over and over again. Spending the day outside on the Vaal River is amazing. The scenery is lush, tranquil and a much-needed change from the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

Upon googling ‘Parys River Rafting’, you will be greeted with at least 100 different companies that offer the activity.  I decided to go with a company called Earth Adventures. I found them using the GroupOn website (back when it was still around) and it turned out to be a good decision for me. Check out the following pros and cons to see if white river rafting with Earth Adventures is right for you.


White River Rafting on the Vaal River with Earth Adventures


The Good:


  1. The stunning location: The Vaal River is beautiful. You can spot a variety of bird and plant species along the river. It can make for an excellent photography spot. The river is clean and tranquil.
  2. The guides are professional: I was shown the correct way on how to hold the paddle and the procedure if I fall out of my raft. They rafting guides are knowledgeable about the surrounding area and are excited to answer any questions. They told interesting stories and were happy to take pictures/videos of the whole experience. And most importantly, they made sure the experience was enjoyable and safe.
  3. You get to meet plenty of people: The groups are generally large and while you’re waiting for everyone to finish coming down the rapids – you’re sitting around and are able to make new friends with your group.
  4. The equipment: The rafts, paddles, helmets and life vests were all provided and in perfect condition.



The Bad:


  1. The groups are way too large: Once you descend from the rapids, you need to wait for everyone to finish before you can move on. This time is used to take a break but I personally would have preferred to carry on rafting.
  2. Time management problems: I chose the half day rafting option that started at 14:00. However, our group ended up only going onto the water after 15:00. If I had organised any activity after the rafting – I would have missed my booking due to being late. There was also no communication as to why the rafting was delayed. So unless you have no responsibilities after the rafting – then the delay in time should be ok for you.



Tips on how to Live Your Zoi – White River Rafting Edition


  1. Wear waterproof shoes or no shoes at all.
  2. Wear clothing that won’t restrict your arm movements.
  3. Accept the fact that you’re definitely going to get sopping wet from the moment you get in the water.
  4. Only plan to go rafting when it’s been raining in Parys. The rapids will be a lot more fun to go down in.
  5. Check out Hyperli (the new GroupOn) for any deals and any discounts.


White River Rafting in Parys is an adrenaline pumping and exhilarating experience which can be enjoyed by both young and old. Overall, White River Rafting with Earth Adventures was a pleasant experience and I just cannot wait to river raft on the Vaal dam again. If you’re interested in more adrenaline activities then check out this. Leave a comment on how your experience was with white river rafting if you have tried it.



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